Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Started tearing into the project again- Literally!
Tracing wires to find out why the starter button won't work.

Anti-Dive has to go! Take all the useless hoses, lines, etc.

Cap it off with a silicone filled bottle cap!


New Front End after rebuild. Went through it top to bottom.
New brakes, seals, front headlight with custom fabbed stay.
Used the Ol'Dependable "cafe" headlight ears from the interweb.
Cut-up re-fabbed Speedo/Tach bracket and re-located .
SS Front lines and an overall wiring harness cleanup and re-route.

 Fitted a remore reservoir M.Cyl. This one's off a '04 ZX10. It stops just OK.
Not a tight lever, and full stop at 3/4 lever.
Fabbed a standoff outta 1/4" rod, bracketed and tigged.
Yes, that's a mini-reservoir, available online.
chinese made, but no leakee!

Carbs- Bane of my existance! These Mikuni BS 34's were the snot and
grit filled jobs that came with the bike. After about 2-days of cleaning, they
amazingly came out ok for use.
Set them up with baseline 130 Mains, 37.5 base bleed pilots, and needles at halfway.
(Little did I know that I would have to remove and reinstall them 5 times for re-jetting!)

What to do with this needless and heavy tail section?

Hack it off, of course!  STAY TUNED, MORE TO FOLLOW...................

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sorry to have been away so long!
This installment will showcase what's going on in the garage now. A Kawasaki GPZ750 Cafe Racer Conversion.
Also keep watching as I am working on the following this winter:
1974 Kawasaki Z-1
1980 Honda CB650 Cafe Racer
1965 Honda 305 Super Hawk
Thanks for your patience and to the 10,000 who have checked my site, Stay Tuned!
The stripping process begins:
Minimal tank corrosion, to he cleaned with Muriatic Acid and Red-Koted.
The carbs are a different story! For a bike that's been off the road for years, the carbs look like they were under water for some time:

Not to mention a previous owner had a "Stage 3 Jet kit" installed with 180 mains! WAY TOO BIG for an otherwise stock motor!

Turning this 1984 Kawasaki GP& 750:
Into something like this:
                                  (Image courtesy of Goodhal Garage's Blog)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The XS650 Brat Update:
Time has passed, and I thought I would update everybody on the Brat Project.
Here's some pics of the running machine:

Adding the Sportster seat really helps the backbone! So far it has 500 miles of riding time, and is a blast to ride!
Still having problems with the BS38 carbs, and have re-jetted and fiddled with them for a while.
I'll most likely go with a set of 34mm Mikunis. Nonetheless, the bike will do an honest 80mph before the carbs start acting-up!
What's left:
Strip down frame, finish welds and clean-up, sandblast and paint frame, paint tank and fenders.
I am leaning towards a Hammertone copper or brown tank, and fenders and black frame.
Hopefully I will post a finished bike this fall so stay tuned!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The saga continues... Another '81 XS 650 slowly evolving into a brat bike! The seat has gotta go! After 60 miles, I needed a week to recover!
Check out the Frisco'd  Sporty tank! I'll post some pics of that project soon!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Homeless Bikes of Brooklyn

Why are the most vulnerable left unloved?

Went down to the Brooklyn Invitational Bike Show last weekend and had a great time! One of the things I always do when getting lost down there is scout out NYC's finest derelict bikes, and I found a few of this cold city's most unfortunate! These have been sitting for a while, apparently abandoned by their former owners. Why do they do this to a perfectly good bike? Next time I go I may bring bolt cutters!

'Been watching thes CB350 for three years, and she hasn't moved!

Cool little Puch, which obviously needs a new home!

CB750 Somewhere under the BQE